Is K9 Nose Work® suitable for my dog?

Without even meeting your dog we can pretty comfortable give you a big happy “yes”!

The activity of K9 Nose Work is designed to be accessible to any dog, including dogs that are unable to enjoy other dog activities due to age, physical limitations, lack of obedience, fear or reactivity issues. If your dog has a nose, you’ve got a K9 Nose Work® dog!


While some breed types are known to have stronger sniffers than others, every dog has a nose far more amazing than any human can lay claim to, and every dog has natural instincts to use its nose. What’s most important for enjoyment and success in K9 Nose Work® is a proper introduction to the activity to build drive and let the dog know how the game is played. If started out right, even the most unlikely of dogs can surprise you on the hunt!

For dogs with limitations, K9 Nose Work® can be played just for fun, and in many cases, for therapy, too. Elderly or disabled dogs can get much needed mental exercise while taking it easy on their bodies. A fearful dog can build the confidence to get out and explore the world. Dog reactive dogs can have a chance to be part of a class setting, working separately from other dogs, but still in the vicinity of other dogs while having lots of positive experiences.

K9 Nose Work Instructors let your dog’s needs determine how they will initially work with you and the advice they give for playing the game away from class so you can both continue to enjoy the activity and experience the benefits of K9 Nose Work®.

If you have a bit of a hyper child-dog, K9 Nose Work® is a great way to let your dog burn mental energy, while preventing creating a cardio junky that the comparative physical exercise would create. It also helps to increase attention. As your dog’s skills increase, you’ll always be able to keep the game challenging and exciting.

If you get really addicted and wish to compete rest assured we continue to not only accept but encourage all dogs and handler teams to get involved in trailing. For more information on trialling click here

The only way to know for sure how much you and your dog will love K9 Nose Work® is to try it! Have a look at our workshop and class pages to see what is going on in your neck of the woods.