What is K9 Nose Work®?

The newest craze for dogs that is sweeping the USA has arrived in Australia! Thanks to Marion Brand, Australia’s first Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor, Aussie dogs across the country are becoming Scent Detectives in this wonderful new sport. K9 Nose Work® unleashes your dog’s natural ability as a hunter by providing them a safe, fun and exciting opportunity to use their amazing sense of smell to find specifically trained odours in lots of different environments. It is the very best way to build confidence and trust where they are lacking all the while building an even greater bond, understanding and trust between you and your dog.


The sport involves training your dog to search & alert, just like the detection dogs you’ve seen working in the army, at airports and in the police force. It was actually the benefits seen in dogs working as professional detection dogs which inspired the K9 Nose Work® founders to develop an activity which could allow pet dogs to access these benefits as well. What benefits? Self control, confidence, trust, focus, calmness, reduction in reactivity to other dogs and acceptance of new environments. Seriously, the benefits are endless! At competition level it is a timed trial, where dogs are judged on their speed and accuracy in finding three different odours in four different scenarios. These scenarios are called “elements” in the K9 Nose Work® world. Dogs learn to work in rooms of all types & sizes, outside in any context such as lumber yards, school yards, or parks. They learn to work all sorts of containers – luggage, bins, boxes, bins, handbags, shoes and even all sorts of vehicles including boats, cars, bikes and aeroplanes!

And the very best part is K9 Nose Work® can be enjoyed by any dog. Old, young, shy, timid, dogs in wheelchairs. All can participate and benefit. Reactive dogs especially love K9 Nose Work® as everything is done without pressure or force. One dog at a time is worked, allowing the focus to be totally on that dog and handler team. K9 Nose Work® gives each dog exactly what they need to succeed and shine.