Workshops – sharing the knowledge & love



The K9 Nose Time team are currently busy developing up several different workshops for those interested in the activity and the sport of K9 Nose Work®.

Unless otherwise stated, workshops run for 1/2 a day (usually about 4 hours).

Our Introduction to K9 Nose Work® was shared by several different interstate and rural  hosts and is the very best way to understand why the methodology used by K9 Nose Work® instructors is so superior for dogs. Finally an activity where they get to call the shots and invite us into their world – the world of scent.

The other topics that are currently being developed include and relevant experience required:

  • It Takes Two! How to Support Your Dog During a Search ALL LEVELS
  • How Odour Works: What You Need to Think About When Training on Your Own. ALL LEVELS
  • Understanding and Strengthening Your Dog’s Alert Behaviour. ADVANCED
  • Four Different Elements and the things you need to know when competing in K9 Nose Work®. ADVANCED
  • Working With Distractor Odours: Leave the Chicken, Find the Birch. ADVANCED

We also offer free workshops to shelter and rescue organisations where possible.