NW1 Trial – 2nd October 2016

Official ACSW


         K9 Nose Work® NW1 Trial
     (4 elements – interior, exterior, vehicles and containers, all Birch only)

Trial Location:   Kellyville, NSW

Trial Host:   K9 Nose Time Pty Ltd


Certifying Official:   Trinny Teigan

Entry Cost:   $75 per dog and handler team

 One dog per handler

Registration Information

  • The handler of the dogs must have a current ACSW membership.
  • The dog must be registered with ACSW (see acsw.com.au for more details)
  • The dog must have passed an ACSW ORT to be eligible to enter this trial
  • Trial entries will close 2nd September 2016 – limit of 30 dogs – if more than 30 entries are received then there will be a ballot
  • ACSW and K9 Nose Time reserves the right to cancel a trial if minimum entry numbers are not met
  • Any entries that contain incorrect or misleading information may result in disqualification from the trial

Trial Information

  • Plan to arrive at the trial location at 8 am to register – a walk through will be conducted at 8 30 am.
  • Please bring membership cards and the dogs scorebook to the trial
  • No Spectators are permitted in the search areas during the trial except
    ACSW & K9 Nose Time officials, adults accompanying a minor, CNWI-in-training and judges in training

Dog Policies

  • Please remember that K9 Nose Time events welcome dogs of all description and temperaments. We rely on participants to respect the needs of all other dogs on the ground. As such, any dog, whether competing or not, will not be permitted to roam or socialize with any other dogs in the vicinity of the trial grounds. Exhibitors are responsible for the comfort and behavior of their dogs.
  • Yellow ribbons and cones designate areas reserved for reactive dogs on for parking and peeing
  • All dogs must be on a leash at all times when not being tested.
  • Dogs and handlers must stay in designated areas to avoid contaminating testing space, interrupting a test, or from viewing part of the testing.
  • The dog’s owner is responsible for having their dog ready when it is to be judged. Be prepared to keep your dog in your car or in a crate by your car when not being tested. You are responsible for picking up after your dog
  • Females in season – please contact your trial host (K9 Nose Time) if this becomes a possibility

Other Information

Description of Trial

To successfully gain a NW1 title, a dog must identify the location of the target odour and the handler must correctly call an “alert” within a three minute time period for each element – this must be done for ALL FOUR ELEMENTS (ie interior, exterior, vehicles and containers) at the same trial.

Interior element may be conducted on or off leash – containers, vehicles and exterior will be conducted on leash.

The ACSW will be developing ORT and Trial rules and parameters to meet the unique needs of the Australian competitor, but for a better understanding of the currently used and established rules of The National Association Of Canine Scent Work® (NACSW), all exhibitors should obtain and review a copy of the NACSW™ K9 Nose Work Rule Book. You may get it from their website: www.NACSW.net.   The ACSW strives to meet the high standards demonstrated by NACSW competitions and competitors, while developing a program unique in Australia.


All competitors/handlers and spectators are expected to follow the rules of the ACSW and demonstrate good sportsmanship. This includes making sure the hide placements are unknown to the handler prior to testing and kept secret from other competitors. Please do not discuss hide placement or any details of a dog’s performance that may provide information or clues to other handlers or may be overheard.

Bravo Award:

The Bravo award is given at the NW1 level to the most outstanding rescue dog that demonstrates extraordinary ability and spirit in nose work. A rescue dog may be defined as a dog that was not purchased from a breeder, private party or store. The dog may have been adopted from a shelter, rescued from the street, fostered with a rescue organization, etc. The five highest scoring rescue dogs will be considered for the Bravo Award when available. A dog may only receive this award one time.  Rescue designation is taken from your ACSW dog registration information.

ACSW Score Book:

Remember to bring your dogs ACSW Scorebook to have your trial results recorded.  If you bring your scorebook it is your responsibility to pick it up before leaving the trial site. It is not the responsibility of the host or ACSW to return scorebooks or score sheets that are left behind or to mail ribbons that are not picked up.

Video Recording and Photography:

Videos and photos of the competition or competition areas are not allowed at this time, except by ACSW approved photographers/videographers. No portion of any event may be videotaped or photographed for commercial or other purposes without written authorization from ACSW. All photographs, video broadcast, and telecast rights for ACSW events are the exclusive property of ACSW.

As a condition of your entry, you agree to allow ACSW, or their agents, to video you and your dog, during the entirety of the trial. These videos are the property of ACSW. All competitors, through entry at any ACSW event, waive any and all rights relative to video broadcast or photography of such event.

All trial related questions, contact K9 Nose Time – k9nosetime@gmail.com

  • October 2, 2016
    8:30 am - 4:30 pm
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.


35a Windsor Rd, Kellyville, NSW, 2155, Australia

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