About Us


Marion Brand, CNWI is the founder of K9 Nose Time, a Sydney based dog training business specializing in K9 Nose Work® and Treibball. She has had a life long love of dogs and for the last ten years has shared her passion as an Obedience Trialling level instructor at the Hills Dog Club. Besides obedience she has also instructed in Treibball, Dock Diving, Herding, Agility and Rally O. Always interested in fun new Positive trained activities people can enjoy with their dogs, Marion knew she was onto something amazing when she first discovered K9 Nose Work® and how beneficial it was for all dogs.

Her love for K9 Nose Work® was first “detected” on a trip to the USA and Canada in 2012 where she was originally “alerted” to all the fun and benefits this search and detect sport, activity and therapy has to offer.

Marion was so impressed with it that she returned to the US six times over the next two years to receive extensive training from the originators/founders of the sport. She was awarded her CNWI, Certified Nose Work Instructors status Feb 1, 2015 from the US based NACSW (National Association Of Canine Scent Work) and is currently the only Australian certified to teach K9 Nose Work®.

Marion is excited and passionate about introducing K9 Nose Work® to Australian dogs and their people and believes it will revolutionize the dog world for the better.

Her background in scent work includes: Obedience UD trialling, Tracking and Diabetic Alert Dog training.